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New Country Style England

Ingrid Rasmssen ja Chloe Grimshaw

The New Country Style England presents a wide array of rural retreats, seaside cottages, forest huts, and nature getaways. While the city home has undergone countless well-documented stylistic changes, there has been a quiet revolution going on in the countryside. The picture of pastoral perfection (think chintz) is being reinvigorated and modernized by the creativity of a new generation of owners, reflected in the stylish (and sometimes utterly unexpected) interiors of their homes. A converted neo-Gothic church is home to a contemporary furniture maker and his family, with Arne Jacobsen chairs in the dining room, Pucci upholstery in the chapel, and a trampoline for the children in the nave. In Gloucestershire, a dark wooden bed from Lombok is tucked into the eaves of an old rectory, while a Venetian glass chandelier hangs in the dining room, and hand-painted Chinoiserie adorns the walls. The mix of colors and textures, palettes and patterns, and, most importantly, a commingling of eras all help to make this book a visual delight. The intrinsic value comes with the hundreds of photographs, an incredible juxtaposition of detail, and a handsome heft. The New Country Style England showcases interiors that redefine traditional country style with wit, fun, and modern taste. It's the rustic experience with a here-and-now twist!

 New Country Style England

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