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Kit Homes Modern

Kit Homes Modern explains everything homeowners need to know about this low cost/high design alternative, offering a comprehensive look at the full range of modern kit homes currently on the market. A brief, entertaining history on the origin and evolution of kit homes, including how they differ from mobile homes, is followed by a visual, behind-the-scenes tour of the creation of a kit home -- from the architect's drawing board to the factory floor to its final destination.

Kit Homes Modern will raise the potential homeowner's comfort level and provide a vivid and precise understanding of the structural and interior features of the kit home and the many options available. Tips and hints on buying and installing a kit home tell homeowners exactly what to expect and show them how to avoid costly pitfalls and mistakes. And an exhaustive resource section provides up-to-date references on manufacturers, architects, consumer websites, consultants, and contractors who specialize in kit homes.

 Kit Homes Modern

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