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Porsche: The Legend: 1948 to Today

Porsche: The Legend is filled from start to finish with striking full -- and double-page color photographs of Porsche models-from the first 356 Roadster to the latest Cayenne S UV.

The book is organized chronologically by model and includes the famous 911, 964, 993, 996 and 997.

All the most significant variations are here, among them the Carrera, Cabriolet, Targa, Passo, RS, Turbo, Roadster, Boxster, Speedster, Extreme Sport, GT3 and GT3 RS, 2.5 and the more recent Cayman. Rare and collectible models such as the 550 Spyder, the Carrera GT and the 959 are also featured.

Introductory sections tell the history and development of each model line. There are complete performance and technical specifications. Readers will learn how various car models evolved from past successes.

No other automobiles have inspired as much emotion, respect and imitation as Porsches. Aficionados, owners, collectors and racing fans will revel in this book's complete data and exhilarating visuals.

 Porsche: The Legend: 1948 to Today

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